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    2070 Logan Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB, R2R 0H9 Canada
    Phone: 204.985.1317
    Toll Free: 800.470.7069
    Fax: 204.633.7101
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    210 Stanton Street
    Lafayette, LA, 70518 U.S.A.
    Phone: 337.837.5505
    Toll Free: 877.680.0220
    Fax: 337.837.5581
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    Mainteance, Repair & Overhaul

    Trusted by OEM’s and relied on by operators worldwide, our MRO services include the highest quality overhauls, modifications and engineered repair solutions.

    Located in Central Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, our state-of-the-art facilities house highly trained technicians and the right tools and equipment to provide the repair and overhaul solution you require. With our commitment to quality, safety and lean manufacturing practices, we ensure the highest quality repair solutions with unsurpassed value.

    Our processes include:
    • Plating & anodizing
    • Metalizing & cold spray
    • Vacuum brazing
    • Surface treatments
    • CNC & manual machining
    • Inspection and more

    If you’re grounded and require an immediate solution, contact us and take advantage of our exchange pool of items to get you back in the air quickly. As a Transport Canada Design Approval Organization, we develop and approve custom repair solutions that exceed expectation. With robotic applications for many of our processes, we use the latest techniques and procedures to keep our customers productive.

    View our Exchange Pool Inventory:
    Rolls-Royce M250
    Bell Helicopter Spares

    Roy Hartfiel
    Phone: 204.985.1317
    Toll Free: 800.470.7069

    Joe Wilson
    Cell: 318.218.5998
    Office: 318.645.2468


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