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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I did not see the ultrasonic inspection in the quoting options for the 204 M/R Grips. Are you still making this available? Yes, we do the ultrasonic inspection. It is part of our engineering repair instruction. We do not list it on options because it is performed every time.
    • What are my shipping options? Your parts may be shipped to us using your shipper of choice. However, a popular option is to ship your parts to our repair depot using our discounted Federal Express account. Contact one of our customer care reps. at 1.800.470.7069 to find out more on how we can save you money on shipping costs!
    • Can I search by part name or part number? You can use both. However, the fastest method for finding a part on AeroParts is by searching using the part number. If your searching by part name, try searching using a single word or two words which best describes the part - for example: transmission, swashplate, tail rotor, etc.

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